to make sorting perhaps a bit easier, here’s every film writeup sorted by director.

bahrani: chop shop | goodbye solo

baumbach: kicking and screaming

bergman: the seventh seal

boyle: slumdog millionaire

capra: it’s a wonderful lifemr. smith goes to washington

coppola: apocalypse now

cosmatos: tombstone

t. demme: beautiful girls

de sica: the bicycle thief

fellini: 8 1/2 [b]

fincher: the curious case of benjamin button

godard: breathless


hawks: the big sleep | gentlemen prefer blondes | his girl friday

hitchcock: the 39 steps | dial m for murder | rope | shadow of a doubt & the man who knew too much [1956] |

howard: frost/nixon

huston: the treasure of the sierra madre [b]

r. johnson: the brothers bloom

kazan: on the waterfront

kaufman: synecdoche, new york

laughton: night of the hunter

lean: the bridge on the river kwai

leone: a fistful of dollars

lumet: 12 angry men | dog day afternoon [b]

malle: au revoir les enfants

mann: heat

maysles: gimme shelter

mccarthy: the visitor

melville: army of shadows

j. nichols: shotgun stories

polanski: chinatown

reed: the third man [b]

scorsese: taxi driver


sturges: sullivan’s travels

sollett: nick and norah’s infinite playlist

truffuat: the 400 blows | jules et jim

van sant: paranoid park

varda: cléo from 5 to 7

welles: citizen kane | touch of evil

wiene: the cabinet of dr. caligari

wilderstalag 17

various directors: top 20 films (20-11) | top 20 films (10-1) | 2007 round-up | 2008 round-up

[b] – writeups by basil


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