directing the weekend

April 10, 2009

sorry there hasn’t been anything on here in a while.  right now is crunch time.  we’re going out tomorrow morning for the first day of my shoot for my (as of now untitled) film.  a lot of stuff has gone down, and having easter weekend to do it has not been the best.  i’ve had actors interested but unable to commit, i’ve had to find a trailer home completely furnished in cleveland, i’ve rewritten the script numerous times, i’ve ordered the film, we’re doing it.  a lot of thanks to my upm/ad on the film jim tews.  check him out.  he does comedy.

we’re shooting most of the day tomorrow, most of the day sunday, and hopefully that’s it.  it’ll be short guerrilla style filmmaking.  jump in the car, jump out, shoot something, jump back in.  tomorrow in the trailer will be the only real lighting setup of the weekend.  hopefully after all the madness (after this week i’m dp’ing jim’s film, and upm/ad’ing someone elses) i can get back to watching films.  i haven’t watched something not for school in a while.  i did watch old joy again today, but that was more for inspiration for this weekend.  check it out, it’s great.

i’ve got these guys doing the score.

i’m excited and nervous.  it’s an odd combonation.  this will be my first foray into color film, though i’ve shot a lot on 16mm black & white reversal.  this just feels a little more professional.


director’s page

December 3, 2008

in an attempt to make back catalogue navigating easier, i’ve installed a new page which i’ve seen on a few other blogs.


every film write-up sorted by the director.  enjoy catching up on all the posts you’ve missed.