4 films for may

April 17, 2009

we’re getting back into it.  i hope.   will have one class in may, but it’s just one.  this summer it looks like we might be doing a hitchcock film series with some friends, so there will be plenty of write-ups on those.  back to the madness…

week of may 4:

a fistful of dollars by sergio leone

this (or one of the clint/leone westerns) was on the other day and it occurred to me that i have never seen this all the way through.  i’ve been screened clips in film school, i’ve watched parts on tv, but never watched it in it’s entirety.  i’ve loved what i’ve seen so far.

week of may 11:

jules and jim by francois truffaut

after a recent filmspotting review of this film, it confirmed my suspicion that i need to see this movie.

week of may 18:

streetcar named desire by elia kazan

marlon brando and elia kazan.  they worked in on the waterfront, i’m pretty sure they’ll work in this one.

week of may 25:

the apartment by billy wilder

the leads are weak.  what?  oh.  that’s a different jack lemmon movie?  dang.  oh well, it’s too late to chage it.


4 films for january

January 1, 2009

once again, january is hitchcock month!  the greatest director of all time definitely deserves his own month.  now i’ve seen most of the major hitchcock (psycho, rear window, north by northwest, etc.) so i’ll be focusing on the lesser known or rather the films that people don’t immediately throw out when you say hitchcock.

week of january 5:

the wrong man

couldn’t this be the title of almost any hitchcock film?

week of january 12:


if i had to pick one, this would be the one i’m most skeptical about.  just never been a big sean connery fan.

week of january 19:


cary grant.  period.

week of january 26:

foreign correspondent

joel mccrea. question mark. (actually he was pretty great in sullivan’s travels)

5 films for december

November 20, 2008

the triumphant return to the 4 films a month schedule which will go off without a hitch this month because i won’t be in classes.  and we’re doing classic war films!  good times.

week of december 1:

stalag 17 by billy wilder

billy wilder war film?  i’m excited.

week of december 8:

the bridge on the river kwai by david lean

i’ve seen bits and pieces of this film over the years, but have never sat through the whole thing.  now’s the time.

week of december 15:

platoon by oliver stone

i’ve avoided it, mostly because of the dvd cover.  but well see how it goes.

christmas bonus – week of december 22:

it’s a wonderful life by frank kapra

i wrote it in last year…..it’s happening this year.

week of december 29:

full metal jacket by stanley kubrick

one of the few kubricks i haven’t indulged.

4films for september

August 28, 2008

week of september 1:

the night of the hunter by charles laughton

a lot of people have cited this as one of their favorite movies ever.  so i guess i should see it.

week of september 8:

the big sleep by howard hawks

bogart and bacall….that’s all you need to know.  plus howard hawks.

week of september 15:

touch of evil by orson welles

orson welles.

week of september 22:

playtime by jacques tati

after many recommendations, i’ve decided to check this one out.


note – i’m still waiting for the james dean collection from the library (we missed the screening in 35mm (d’oh!)).  i really want to get the write up for east of eden still (and all about eve)

4 films for august

August 7, 2008

trying to get back in the swing of things….

week of august 4:

his girl friday by howard hawks

i’m a cary grant fan so….

week of august 11:

mr. smith goes to washington by frank capra

a 4films favorite jimmy stewart.

week of august 18:

gentlemen prefer blondes by howard hawks

another film i get to see in 35mm

week of august 25:

east of eden by elia kazan

really excited for this one. actually get to see it on a big screen in 35mm.


note – write ups on all about eve as well as my new 1990s bracket rd. 2 movies are coming soon as well.

update 8.21.08 – the east of eden dvd from the library is taking longer than excepted to get here, so i’ve moved it to the end of the month and the other two film up.

4 films for june

May 31, 2008

a few films that we’ve scheduled for our summer film series and a few that i lobbied to get in but don’t seem like they’re going to make the cut (but i still want to see them).

week of june 2

on the waterfront by elia kazan

gotta love early brando

week of june 9

sullivan’s travels by preston sturges

a film prof i had last semester really loved this one, got me excited.

week of june 16

army of shadows by jean-pierre melville

i’ve heard nothing but good things.

week of june 23

all about eve by joseph makiewicz

in a quest to see all the best picture winners.

5 films for april

March 31, 2008

week of april 1:

twelve angry men by sidney lumet

i’ve had numerous people tell me i need to see it, and this was one that wasn’t even really on my radar.

week of april 7:

cléo from 5 to 7 by agnés varda

a little classic new wave

week of april 14:

the 400 blows by francois truffaut

continuing the new wave for another week

week of april 21:

the 39 steps by alfred hitchcock

one of those few hitchcock films i’ve left to see

week of april 28:

2001: a space odyssey

i’m not really looking forward to it. it seems like too much to undertake

4 films for march

February 28, 2008

special guest poster for the month of march, mr. basil from the fs message boards. he’s running the show all month, picking the films, writing the posts, giving you his pick for president, whatever he feels like. so here is his lineup for the month of march.


here is the lineup for march with special guest reviewer basil of baker street:

week of march 3:

the treasure of the sierra madre by john huston


week of march 10:

the third man by carol reed


week of march 17:

dog day afternoon by sidney lumet


week of march 24:

8 1/2 by federico fellini


4 films of february

January 28, 2008

write-ups on shadow of a doubt, the man who knew too much, and vertigo are coming shortly.  school has just started up again, and i’ve had some other things pressing my time but they are on their way.

week of february 4:

the cabinet of dr. caligari by robert wiene

this may be cheating, but we’re actually screening this for a film history class i’m taking.

week of february 11:

au revoir, les enfants by louis malle

j’adore des films français. n’ont pas vu de louis malle, donc j’ai pensé que c’était un bon endroit pour commencer.

week of february 18:

apocalypse now by francis ford coppola

apocalypse  now

i actually own this on dvd but have never watched it. hopefully i’ll like it so i won’t have the buyer’s remorse.

week of february 25:

taxi driver by martin scorsese

i was looking at my “out yourself — the 5 films you should have seen, but haven’t” top 5 at the filmspotting message boards and saw this at #5.  so i gotta be able to cross it off.


also later this month look for a sort of 2007 round up.  a lot of good films in 07 that i wanna talk a little about.

5 films for january

December 17, 2007

january will be the alfred hitchcock month. catching up on all the hitchcock that i’ve missed, and revisiting one classic.

week of january 1:

dial m for murder

week of january 7:


i’m really interested in the way that the film was shot, with all the long takes.

week of january 14:

the man who knew too much

there’s going to be a lot of jimmy stewart this month.

week of january 21:

shadow of a doubt

very excited about this one that i’ve heard hitchcock considered his favorite film of his.

week of january 28:vertigo

the one film that i have seen but really do need to revisit. i wasn’t blown away by it the first time, but i’ve heard that the second time is a lot better.