every month i pick four different “classic” films that i haven’t seen, or need to revisit, or just want to revisit. at least one foreign film a month.  post a review or something about it. feel free to join in or offer suggestions.


who am i?

i’m just a guy who wants to talk about old and new movies, and somehow this is how i decided to do it.  right now i’m a student at cleveland state university enrolled in the film undergraduate program.  in a couple months i’ll be a college grad with no job.  my name is john.


6 Responses to “what is 4films?”

  1. Nick Says:

    Very impressive site. Your passion comes thru. But would like more info about the person behind the site. Cheers!

  2. johnheberle Says:

    thanks nick! i guess i just assume that most of the people that read the site know a little bit about me, but if the readership is expanding beyond the 3 people i know then that’s great! maybe i should add an some about me info to this page?

  3. Nicholas Says:

    Hello and sorry to let my message here but I didn’t find any email adress ..

    I was surfing on web and I was hit by your movie reviews. A few days ago, me and a friend had an idea about a blog with short movie reviews straight to the point. I was wondering if you make any link-exchange or you can just read a bit of your posts to give us your opinion.

    Thanx and I’m waiting forward for an answer.


  4. johnheberle Says:

    sorry nick, your comment got stuck in the spam filter and i didn’t see it till now.

    i’m not sure what you’re asking, but checked out your site and it seems pretty cool.

  5. irene Says:

    i´m here accidentally. i was looking info about my own private idaho. like your blog. i studied cinema, well just to say hi :)

  6. johnheberle Says:

    hey thanks irene. hope you stick around. i’m wanting to make more of an effort! new posts coming soon!

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