the great

these albums are all great.  none perfect, but some darn close.  there’s a lot of them.  so get comfy cause it may take a while….or you can just scroll really quickly.

the animal yearsjosh ritter

josh ritter just has something to him.  his songs are catchy, his lyrics are witty, he puts on one of the best live shows i’ve ever seen.  the man just knows how to have fun up there on stage.  i can listen to this whole album.

fleet foxesfleet foxes

probably one of the more surprising albums i’ve heard.  i was not ready for their crazy appalachian folk harmonies and musical stylings.  the album gets a little redundant somewhere from “he doesn’t know” to “meadowlark” though.  i’m really excited for them to put out a new album (and with j.tillman none the less!)

the little williesthe little willies

norah jones and company take to covering old country hits.  i’m in.  there’s some duds on the album, but so much good that it’s completely worth purchasing.  i wouldn’t bother with the songs they wrote themselves, but i’d stick with the hank williams and townes van sandt songs.  when it’s on, it’s on.

dead cities, red seas, lost ghostsm83

m83 brings an electronic album masterpiece that makes you want to blast it from your car stereo as you lay in a snowy field with friends looking at the sky…..heeyyyy.

brick (original motion picture soundtrack) nathan johnson

one of my favorite movies of the decade (and all time really) has one of the most brilliant scores.  nathan johnson uses old out of tune pianos and guitars, filing cabinets, kitchen utensils, and instruments he made up like the whine-o-phone.  it has such a presence and a great sense of mood to it.  johnson delivers musically the tone and setting that his cousin delivered visually in the film.  a perfect blend of stylistic filmmaking and stylistic musicmaking.

o.c.m.sold crow medicine show

old crow medicine show is a bluegrass/old timey band who feel completely contemporary.  they are amazing musicians, amazing vocalists, and amazing lyricists.  the fast paced songs are upbeat and fun for the summertime, and the slow ones i love to put on mixtapes.  any band that can make it onto one of my mixtapes has to be good.

aslep at heaven’s gaterogue wave

the more i listen to rogue wave, the more i’m convinced they are the most underrated band working today (besides the frames of course).  i mean these guys are amazing.  they remind me of a mix between radiohead and iron & wine.  asleep at heaven’s gate was one of my favorite albums from 2007 because it was just such a surprise.  lake michigan was a fairly big hit (if i can remember correctly) but the whole album just blew me away.  check this out, seriously.

flowering spadesean hayes

sean hayes took a huge leap with flowering spade.  this album is almost perfect.  he crafts such interesting songs with such a wide range of influences.  his voice is one of the most interesting out there today, and flowering spade is by far his best album.

kill the moonlightspoon

“the way we get by” may have become an indie film cliche, but there’s a reason why.  when i first heard it, i wasn’t sure if i’d ever heard anything like it.  it’s familiar, yet startling.

songs for the deafqueens of the stone age

josh homme is one of the best frontmen around.  he’s got the voice, he’s got the guitar skills, he’s got the hair (he actually looks like a leaner, taller donal logue).  this album is there best.  plain and simple.  one of the best rock albums of the decade.


anyone who doesn’t tell you that pinkerton is weezer’s best album, is straight up lying to your face.  don’t ever trust that person again.  but maldroit is very good.  i feel like there’s a little bit of a pinkerton resurgence in this album, and is highlighted by some of their best songs ever.  burdnt jamb is the most unknown masterpiece there is.

elephantthe white stripes

i’m not as big a fan of the white stripes as i think i should be.  i mean they’re very much in the scope of bands that i love, but there’s just something that doesn’t grab me always.  but elephant was an amazing album.  it seemed to grab a consistent tone from beginning to end, and felt like a more solid, better produced (though that’s not always good), and darker album than white blood cells or whatever else came before it.

minor worksj. tillman

if you don’t know who joshua tillman is, then please go buy this album and listen to crooked roof.  that is all.

agaetis byrjunsigur ros

sigur ros makes some of the most beautiful music there is.  but they sing in icelandic, or a made up language, and it’s hard for me to listen to one of their albums from start to finish.  this album has some of the most gorgeous instrumentation i have ever heard.  it makes me sometimes wish that they would just become an instrumental band.

come away with menorah jones

norah jones’ first release was her best and the measuring stick by which all her albums will be held up to, then fail to compete with.

seven swanssufjan stevens

sufjan is one of the most creative artists working today.  he seems to be never satisfied with what he’s doing, always looking to find new ways to create.  seven swans is an album full of biblically based songs.  songs about abraham’s sacrifice, Christ’s atonement, and the book of revelation.  he writes songs about God and his relationship with Him.

the big come upthe black keys

the first (new) vinyl record i ever bought was the big come up.  i had never even heard one song by the black keys.  i was standing in the record store, and pulled it out of the “local” section.  i flipped it over and over, reading the back, looking at the pictures, trying to figure out who these guys were and what they sounded like.  i couldn’t put it down.  something was calling to me.  i needed to buy the record.  as soon as i get home with the record in hand i open it up to find a shiny white vinyl starring back at me.  i put the needle to it and proceeded to have my mind blown.  i listened to the entire thing front to back maybe 3 times.

fox confessor brings the floodneko case

i wasn’t too wild about neko case when i bought this. i liked a few songs of her’s and had a walmart gift card someone had given me so i thought “eh, why not?”.  it has grown on me probably more than any other album this decade, and the first half of this thing is one of the best.  it looses a lot of its charm and character half way through, but the first 5 or 6 songs are phenomenal.

armchair apocryphaandrew bird

this is andrew bird’s masterpiece.  a lot of the time his lyrics go over my head, but his instrumentation and song crafting is the best it’s ever been on this album.  he strikes a mood from the beginning and holds it consistent throughout.  and he puts on one of the best live shows i’ve ever seen.