the best albums of the decade pt. I

December 17, 2009

the first decade of the 00’s is done.  everyone’s putting out the best of decade lists, and i do love lists.  i’ve complied my favorite albums (somewhere close to 50 i think) and will be revealing them in 4 separate lists: the really good, the great, the almost perfect, and the pantheon.  we’re starting off with the really good.

the really good

transfiguration of vincentm. ward

m. ward’s greatest album on his solo side.  (vincent o’brien, undertaker, outta my head, involuntary, helicopter, let’s dance)

before the dawn heals usm83

maybe not m83’s best effort, but there’s too much here to be ignored.  such great reverence for a era of music that has long since passed its prime. (don’t save us from the flames, i guess i’m floating, teen angst)

robbers & cowardscold war kids

these guys kind of came out of nowhere for me.  all of a sudden i couldn’t get away from hang me up to dry.  it was everywhere.  and i was loving it up.  i thought i read somewhere that the singer is classically trained, which would make sense because his voice is off the hook.  they blended rock with a sort of grandiose yet still indie feel.  and their songs are catchy as hell.  (we used to vacation, hang me up to dry, saint john, hospital beds)

gimme fictionspoon

spoon is a band i have hard time not listening to.  they’re just fun. (i turn my camera on, sister jack, i summon you)


mutemath are one of those bands that you have to see live.  they are unbelievable.  i’ve seen them twice now and they have so much energy and enthusiasm for the show that it’s hard not to get swept up into it (even if you try).  their live shows are so good that it almost makes the cd not as satisfying.  you just don’t get the same experience out of listening to the cd as you do watching paul meany do a handstand on his keyboard.  that being said, these songs are all still really good. (collapse, noticed, stare at the sun, break the same)

in a space outta soundnightmares on wax

these guys can make beats.  it’s what i put on when i need to relax, or for a late night drive.  (passion, flip ya lid, chime out)

half these songs are about younizlopi

i was blown away the first time i heard a nizlopi song.  the vocals were great, the bass and the beat.  these guys had it.  i listened to the rest of the album only to find a liking for half of it (maybe the ones that are about you?).  whenever the lead singer starts to rap he looses me (mostly because he’s awful).  but the ones were he sings are were you want to be.  couple that with a really lousy second effort and they end up on the lower end of my favorite albums of the decade (but some of the better songs!). (girls, faith, jcb, freedom, wash away, worry)

the love belowandre benjamin

andre benjamin is a revolutionary.  the man can do no wrong in my eyes.  and his side of the speakerboxxx/the love below album makes my list.  not the other guy’s.  he brings so much inventiveness, so much fun, so much raw talent to hip/hop.  i’m hard pressed to name another person like him.  (hey ya, roses, take off your cool)

gnarls barkleyst. elsewhere

it’s hard not to include this on the list.  the first time i heard crazy i went crazy.  there’s no refuting that it’s a great song.  and there’s some other really good stuff on this.  dangermouse just knows what he’s doing.  (crazy, gone daddy gone, smiley faces, just a thought)

under the blacklightrilo kiley

rilo kiley was always interesting, but with under the blacklight they became relevant.  it’s a alt. country pop hit!  their songs are catchy, fun, and interesting.  their mix of electronic elements is what sets this album apart. (silver lining, breaking up, under the blacklight)

big black hole and the little baby starsean hayes

sean hayes has one of the most interesting voices out there today.  he has no two songs that are similar.  and no two albums that are similar.  he is continuously improving and moving forward.  big black hole was a huge step forward in his songwriting abilities, as most clearly seen in calling all cars.  he knows the aesthetic he’s going for and he nails it.  (boom boom goes the day, same god, angel, calling all cars)


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