500 days of summer

December 5, 2009

“people don’t realize this, but loneliness is underrated.”

note: this was sitting in my drafts for sometime for some reason.  sorry.

i can tell that this is a film that will stick with me for a while.  i can tell because there are hundreds of things i love about it.  the actors, the music, the actor’s clothes, the style, the little cartoon bird, leslie nelson.  i had the film on my fall film preview from 08, way before anything was known about the film (so give me a little dap).  i could not wait until this film came out…and then i saw the trailer.  the trailer.  i mean this trailer for this film is probably the greatest trailer i have ever seen.  i’m not just saying that.  i truly believe it.  i felt so much depth behind every shot.  i felt such a sense of joy and elation and the sadness that comes hand and hand with that.  i just couldn’t contain myself when zooey opens the door.  there is just so much to that 5 second shot i couldn’t bear it.

editors note: just watching this trailer again has made me reconsider this as the best film of the year.  the best 90 seconds i’ve had at the theater.

joseph gordon levitt won my heart with 2006’s brick, and he cemented his place in my favorite actors pool with mysterious skin (which i saw after brick).  the man is a chameleon.  he can do it all.  and he is one of the few actors who i will check out just about anything because he is in it.  i was even remotely curious about g.i. joe because of his role.  seriously!  but what an inspired decision to place him in this film.  it just feels like it was written for him.  he has the angst, he has the believability, he has that romantic comedie yet indie feel to him.  he’s wonderful.  i felt for him because i felt like him.  he’s not ryan gossling, he’s not ryan reynolds, he’s not anyone named ryan.  he’s joe.

there was something that felt amiss for me.  maybe it was the fact that i built up so much hype in my head.  i mean there is no way the film could live up to my unreal expectations.  and this was way before all the mainstream hype.  i was just so excited on my on terms, that it might have tainted my experience a little.  some of the editing felt a little uneven, and i was left wondering if there was a master director’s cut of which i was missing (dvd maybe?).

the music was great, the moments of style felt perfectly in line with the rest of the film, and the rest of the cast was evened out really nice.  some moments felt a little to tounge in cheek, but it was such a refreshing look at relationships that i could sit through the entire film.  one moment that particularly stuck out for me was the whole bergmanesque foreign film section.  i was laughing really hard and then feeling weird because no one else was.

this is a film that i’m eagerly anticipating revisiting (hopefully with a longer cut).  i hate hearing people labeling it as a romantic comedy or a revisionist romcom because it’s so much more.  it’s honest, it’s stylized, it’s surreal, and it’s hilarious.  one of the better ones this year.

and jgl is just the man.  that is all.


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