a fistful of dollars

May 6, 2009

“you shoot to kill, you better hit the heart. your own words, ramone.”

one of the most interesting things about 4films is getting to see these “legendary performers” when they were in their prime.  i would hear about jack nicholson being a great actor, but i would only have a few good men or anger management to go off of.  or with clint eastwood, just his grumbling mumbling drawl in million dollar baby(man that film (and his performance) was awful).  but to see nicholson in chinatownor eastwood in this…..it makes me appreciate them as actors so much more.  and eastwood is great here.  really really great.

i can finally understand this perception of eastwood as a badass.  i mean he straight up is here.  his delivery of lines might be what took me most by surprised.  there was a slight growl, but it was restrained and understated.  he never goes over the top.  he was a lot of fun in this movie, and what i was shocked to see was the subtle ways he added humor to the film.  i wasn’t expecting to laugh going in, but there were more than a few moments where i was el-oh-el-ing.

the western as a whole is a genre i’m pretty naive about.  and i’m not sure why; i love every one that i’ve seen.  but this one is right up near the top so far as the best western i’ve seen.

i have a friend who said that growing up her dad would always play the soundtrack from ennio morricone all the time in the mornings.  blasting it on vinyl.  i can see now why he would do that.  the score is one of the greatest ever composed.  and perfect at setting the mood of the desolate landscapes that leone captures perfectly.

i was a little confused at times as to who was who, and what was really going on.  but the film was so much fun from the beginning that i was ok to just be along for the ride.  and cannot wait to check out the other two in the series.


imdb credits kurosawa’s yojimbo as the source material for the film…can anyone confirm this?  i’ve seen less kurosawa than i’ve seen westerns (only 1 kurosawa film to be exact…and it didn’t leave me wanting to see more sadly).


2 Responses to “a fistful of dollars”

  1. I’m way late to the party and someone probably answered this for you already, but yeah, Yojimbo was the source material for A Fistful Of Dollars as well as The Last Man Standing, a Bruce Willis film.

  2. johnheberle Says:

    thanks bill. that’s interesting. i’m not huge on kurosawa, but i definitly need to check more of his stuff out.

    the bruce willis movie i’m not so sure about though.

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