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February 28, 2009

“i never wash my pants. i like to keep the night on them”

i was looking back through my previous post on my anticipated films of fall 2008, and realized that there’s 2 on the list that i could have seen but haven’t (this one, and wendy and lucy but that doesn’t open in c-town for another month.  ah to live in a big market.)  so i thought i’d watch this tonight and do a quick little write-up.

i had almost completely forgotten that this film had even been released.  it really got no pub, and with the indie darling michael cera attached, i was sure that it was going to be a bigger hit than it was.  and too be honest, i have never been a huge michael cera fan.  he was ok in superbad and juno, and i was never a fan of arrested development (i think it was mostly because of david cross.  i cannot stand that man and if he is on the screen i just instinctively turn it off).  but michael cera truly won me over in this film.  he was able to be hilarious and completely charming while at the same time a complete idiot, and i bought every second of it.  to me, it was his most sincere performance he’s turned in.  and i’d much rather see him continue to chose roles along these lines instead of these ones.

the music is for the most part good-to-ok.  nothing that really took me by surprise or had me wanting to rush out and buy the soundtrack, and for a film that’s based largely around music i think that’s saying something.  i love films that are staged in a “all happens in one night!” way.  there’s something about the pacing of a 90 minute film that really feels like you’ve spent the entire night with the characters on the screen.

some of the screenplay felt pretty clunky to me, and got a little too sentimental for me in parts.  and the multiple scenes of little cameos by semi-famous people got pretty distracting.  they show up for two lines (or sometimes none) and really slow the film down and take it out of any sort of context i had placed it in by that point. but cera really saves a lot of scenes with his charisma.  he is why you should check this film out, and why it’s enjoyable.


student filmmaking update – i’ve pretty much finished writing my script, and monday will be looking to do some location scouting.  the basic premise of the film is a young man travels across the country (or northeast ohio) to find his father, who abandoned him when he was 5, to tell him that his mother has died (or his wife.  i’m not sure how the syntax of that sentence works).  so yeah.  if you’re interested in reading the script and giving me some feedback let me know and i’ll email it to you.


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