recent viewing history

February 6, 2009

haven’t posted in awhile.  i’ve been pretty busy with school so far, and some other commitments.  so i haven’t had a lot of time to watch movies.  but i have seen some…

midnight cowboy – really confused about my reaction to the film.  at parts i loved it.  at parts i hated it.  at parts i was confused.  at parts i was annoyed.  i thought the final shot was amazing.

eagle eye – a blatant rip-off of 2001: a space odyssey.  but worth watching if you rent it from the library and aren’t looking for anything to serious.  and even then it’s meh.  so if you want a meh night then watch it.

eraserhead – ummm……yeah.

annie hall – masterpiece.

hannah and her sisters – another masterpiece.

some of night of the hunter – not exactly a masterpiece, but i’ve already said how much i dislike it.

american teen – complete garbage.  contrived.  boring.  stereotypical perception of high school.  it doesn’t add anything interesting to the discussion.  it wants us to get sucked into the melodrama of high school, and makes excuses for the behavior of all the subjects.  even the kids that are supposed to be the “interesting” ones turn out to be pretty plain.

city lights – the first chaplin feature i’ve seen.  and it’s a masterpiece.  it’s hilarious, perfectly choreographed, wonderfully acted, and beautiful.  i love the way chaplin subverts our expectations, especially with the final scene which has to go down with the greatest last scenes in all of cinema.  definitely made me a lot more interested in chaplin, and the silent era in general.


be on the lookout for the 2008 roundup as well as write-ups on platoon, full metal jacket, and some hitchcock.


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