it’s a wonderful life

December 25, 2008

“strange, isn’t it? each man’s life touches so many other lives. when he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?

it’s hard to believe that i had gone this long and never seen this film, especially when you consider how much it’s played around christmas time.  you, the reader, have probably already seen the film.  possibly more than once.  this seems like the kind of film that everyone has seen (and after viewing it, i would say should see).

jimmy stewart my favorite actor, and it’s a wonder that i’ve never seen the film that he often cited as his own personal favorite.  he’s a man that so often wore his heart on his sleeve, and in his films always took a stand for something that was right and just, and this film was no different.

very few films, especially today, have such unadulterated passion for life.  it’s amazing to think how hard this film really struck me.  to be able to see life, without you in it, is a very profound idea.  i don’t know how many times i thought about what a difference i really make in this world that seems to pass you by so quickly.   but it’s our own selfishness that hides the fact that we do make a difference.  we matter, in a world that likes to say otherwise.  we matter to those that love us, to our friends and family, and that’s the greatest thing ever.

i loved the final scene of the film; all the people of the town coming to george’s aid, giving away their money to save a man who so often saved them.  (excuse the obvious cliché) that is the true meaning of christmas.  to not be tied down by earthly things, but to give and love because those things are right and pure and eternal.  those are the things that matter, not whether you have a great job or are pulling in the big paycheck.  it’s so rare that a film will line up with my ideals and be a great film at the same time.  but this film just hit every note perfectly.  it put the emphasis on love and family and giving.  and films today tend to shy away from one or two or all three of these things, things that we should be thinking about every moment, every day.


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