tcc: slumdog millionaire

December 17, 2008

“something about ru-peeees”

i’ll start with what i liked about.  i thought the entire narrative device of framing the story of the main characters life through the questions on the game show and how his life experience had given him the answers to each question was really interesting (that was a very long and convoluted sentence, but hey i just got out of fall semester so my mind is not really focused on using proper grammar).

i loved all the back story with the little little kids.  the youngest three kids were the best of the actors of all the different age groups (if you’ve seen the movie then you know what i’m talking about).  but unfortunately i think the oldest set of actors are the worst of the three groups combined.  the main character, played by dev patel, is ok but not great.  but i was with the film for the better part of the picture.  then the end rolls around…..

and i lost pretty much all the enthusiasm i had for it.  i don’t know what i was expecting, but just to see how contrived the ending is and the awful dialogue that accompanies it really sucked the joy out of the film for me.  the last 20-30 minutes are so bad that i’m upset that this film is getting all the award buzz it is receiving.  i almost wouldn’t care as much if i hadn’t been so much with the film for the first 2/3’s.  but to be sucked out of the experience of the movie and put into the schmaltz of the final scene ruins it, and just solidifies my sneaking suspicion that danny boyle has no idea how to end films and is the most overrated director working today.  don’t get me wrong, the guy has some skill.  but he really needs an intervention or something about the last 1/3 of his films.  someone get the man a structure book or something.


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