the big sleep

November 24, 2008

“those are harsh words to throw at a man, especially when he’s walking out of your bedroom

this will be a quick write-up because i’m on my way to synecdoche new york in a few minutes.

i love the excitement of being on the verge of busting open a case.  few films are able to really tread the line between a great balance and an over saturation of it.  while this film doesn’t do it perfectly i think that it reaches moments of greatness, but ultimately doesn’t falls a little short.  but it’s still a fun ride.

i think what makes this movie so interesting is that it doesn’t make a whole of sense.  the plot introduces many many rabbit holes and secondary characters (most of whom get killed), and doesn’t try to resolve any of them to a satisfactory ending for the viewer.  the film is much more interested in the detective process and the relationship that forms as a result of it

and that’s the most interesting part of it i think.  the bogart/becall scenes are truly great and they do have a natural charisma (though they were married so it gives them an advantage most actors don’t get, but i’m not going to count that against them.  that was just strategic planning).  every scene with bogart and another woman were really great, and it’s his off-the-cuff remarks that kept me interested.  every scene he throws out gems that if you’re not paying attention to, you’re going to miss.  and that become one of the more fascinating things in the film, what’s bogie going to say this time?  oh snap!  dude’s a p-i-m-p!

that all being said, the film drags a lot in the last third and probably could have done without 20-30 minutes of footage.  i did find the constant flirting of every girl bogie runs into a little ridiculous.  i mean the guy has to be pushing 45 in this picture, yet every 20something girl finds him irresistible.  c’mon.


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