4films for september

August 28, 2008

week of september 1:

the night of the hunter by charles laughton

a lot of people have cited this as one of their favorite movies ever.  so i guess i should see it.

week of september 8:

the big sleep by howard hawks

bogart and bacall….that’s all you need to know.  plus howard hawks.

week of september 15:

touch of evil by orson welles

orson welles.

week of september 22:

playtime by jacques tati

after many recommendations, i’ve decided to check this one out.


note – i’m still waiting for the james dean collection from the library (we missed the screening in 35mm (d’oh!)).  i really want to get the write up for east of eden still (and all about eve)


2 Responses to “4films for september”

  1. vintageluce Says:

    Who doesn’t adore Bogart/Bacall???

    Anyhow, I came across this delightful blog through the search engine, but I must say I’m hooked. A lot of your recommendations coincide with my general faves.

    I immediately stuck you on my blogroll – I hope that’s alright?

  2. johnheberle Says:

    that’s awesome vintageluce!

    i’m glad the site’s starting to reach out to those outside the filmspotting message boards, and my circle of friends. i’m glad you’re enjoying reading.

    anytime anybody wants to link to this site, that’s ok.

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