gentlemen prefer blondes

August 23, 2008

i don’t know if i would have ever seen this film if it wasn’t a part of the cinema at the square at the cleveland playhouse square (and if i hadn’t gotten free tickets to it). a musical romantic comedy starring marilyn monroe? even if howard hawks is directing. not very interested. and after seeing it, i can say that those reservations should have been stuck to.

i really didn’t like this movie, espically the first third/half of it. i was really just repulsed by attitudes of both of the female leads, and all of the men standing around them on the boat. i don’t know if the film is trying to get at some higher social commentary (i have to hope that’s what hawks was doing) but everything those two leads are about i just found offensive. monroe’s character’s all about money, and russell’s character hangs out in massive groups of men. this scene in particular really just disgusted me. the way she walks around and gets sort of turned on by the number of men working out in flesh color bathing suits….just awful. it also didn’t help that sitting behind me (and three of my friends) were two guys talking throughout the whole thing.

“how did they get her to do those things?”

“wow look at those costumes”

“this is my favorite dress she wears”

“the film’s not in there..” “yeah it is remember? watch”

“[singing along with the musical numbers]….[then clapping when it’s over]

they clapped? after musical numbers? yeah. i’m not sure why they felt the need to clap, it wasn’t like someone was preforming live on stage, nobody was there to benefit from the clapping.

granted after they get off the boat and are in paris the film is a little easier to swallow. but i’m not sure i buy the ending where that one detective decides to help out the girls. he had a chance to help them out throughout the film, and now he decides? just at the perfect time i guess. everything seemed to fit together too perfectly. i mean why would she want to get back with him after she has repeatedly said she doesn’t like him (i did have to go to the bathroom halfway through so i might of missed some things).

none of the songs were really that catchy or fun to listen to, and non of the performances were anything to smile about (except that little kid. he’s awesome). so all in all it was a pretty disappointing experience, though we did get to laugh a lot at how ridiculous the two guys sitting behind us were.


4 Responses to “gentlemen prefer blondes”

  1. That kid makes the movie for me.

    It is funnier if you realize that Monroe’s stage role was honed by Carol Channing. The legend is that Monroe bought front row seats for performances for several weeks and is basically imitating Channing in her performance in this film.

    It was also originally a stage show adapted to film three or four times, I believe. So this movie is a remake of another movie and also a stage show.

  2. johnheberle Says:

    that gives it a little more context i guess, but i’m not sure it would have made me laugh any more.

    the kid was the tops though.

  3. The clapping is bad yes, but I found the movie pretty funny. I’m a big Monroe fan and like Hawks a fair bit so I was happy most of the time I was watching this.

  4. johnheberle Says:

    it was one of the more choppy scripts i’ve ever seen to be honest with you.

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