his girl friday

August 11, 2008

i absolutely loved this movie. everything about it worked so well, but mainly it was cary grant. whenever the man was on the screen it made me smile. his charm, his delivery, his attitude, his charisma. i don’t know what it is (or if it’s all of it) but something about him is just comfortable.

i also think that journalism is a very cinematic profession. i think there’s just something exciting about being on the edge of a story. whether it’s for comedic purposes, or more serious ones, i think that journalism is the most exciting thing to film. and it lends itself well to the dialogue that the characters use. the fast witty exchanges don’t feel like a dated form of interchange but natural to the environment the characters are in. i was recently watching elvis mitchell under the influence when he was interviewing quentin tarantino and qt said that this was one of the movies he shows his actors before every movie (or most actors before most every movie). which i think is really interesting. if i ever made a movie i would probably sit down my actors and show them cary grant’s performance and then say “ok. now just go do that.”

the way the film flows, the pacing of it, is perfect. the way the film moves from one direction to a completely different one in the same scene is one of the most interesting things in the film. two characters will be having a conversation, one will walk out he door and immediately another character will walk in, in mid sentence.

i love the rosalind russell/cary grant interchanges. they have a perfect chemistry together that feels like they’ve really known each other for 15 years. i also really love films that take place over one night or in real time. you get a sense of presence that you don’t get in other films. you get the feeling that you are right there while all the action is unfolding.

this film has become one of my favorite movies ever, and i can’t wait to revisit it time and time again.


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