on the waterfront

June 8, 2008

we watched this last sunday night as part of a summer film series that a myself and group of friends started (where, i might add, i have been given control over most of the film content (well me and one other person at least (can i use so many parenthesis in one sentence?))). the consensus was that marlon brando is a amazing from start to finish, the film was beautiful to look at, and brando’s coat would look great on me (i volunteered the last one but people seemed to agree).

i didn’t know the context of the film, in terms of what the director was going through at the time, when we watched the film but have read up on it a little bit. i think it makes the premise a lot more interesting and makes the message feel a little more relevant than just obligatory to the story.

i also think that brando was a lot more restrained than i thought he would be. having only really seen him in apocalypse now and the godfather movies (edit: and the score, didn’t even know he was in that. did you? kind of sad that it’s his last film) i had seen that he can get pretty hammy. and from the parody’s of the “i coulda been a contender” line, i was expecting him to get pretty hammy. but he is restrained, and that line has such weight to it that it’s truly a heartbreaking scene.

i don’t get the complaints that the film is too self-serving or the ending is too upbeat. aren’t all films self serving to some extent? and if the ending is too upbeat i’m not sure i want to see a normal, or god forbid, down-beat film. he almost gets pummeled to death!

closing thoughts: brando=great. cinematography=gorgeous. movie=great

edit: oh and how could i forget lee j. cobb? he=awesome.


5 Responses to “on the waterfront”

  1. brandofan Says:

    brando is god mate. the only one, the rest are and will always will be lamps compared to the brilliance of the SUN.

    check my blog on only brando

  2. brandofan Says:

    by the way checked your blog and came to 400 blows review and the shot of the kid wearing a jacket very similar to what brando wears in the cab scene in waterfront – which will look good on u…coincidence…who know

  3. Holden Caulfield Says:

    Marlon Brando’s great but I personally like James Dean better. Have you ever seen Rebel with out a Cause?

  4. johnheberle Says:

    i have not

  5. johnheberle Says:

    i’m actually going to see east of eden on 35mm this week…my first exposure to james dean.

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