quick stop movie hits

May 31, 2008

my recent viewing activity….

  • indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull – wait for dvd unless you really want to see something in theaters.

harrison ford’s a lot better than i thought he’d be, but the story is just garbage. if you’ve heard reviews you’ve probably heard people’s problems with the script, so i won’t bore you with more just know that i agree.

  • iron man – see if you haven’t already

worth checking out mostly for robert downey jr. he’s just a lot of fun. the film looses a lot of steam by the end but worth checking out if only for rdj.

  • the chronicles of narnia: prince caspian – skip it

just really quite boring. i remember really liking the books in 4th or 5th grade or whenever i read them, but the films just don’t hold up. i also pictured the protagonists as much older. it looks like 14 yr old kids saving the world, and that’s just not for me.

  • superbad – funnier on 2nd viewing

i remembered being underwhelmed by most of this one, especially seth rogan and bill hader as the two cops. 2nd viewing i was laughing at everything they did. and i find seth rogan funnier than ever. can’t wait for his next two.

  • strangers on a train – one of hitchcock’s best

we watched this for the first installment of our summer film series. one of my favorite hitchcock films. robert walker is brilliant. everyone else seemed to really like it as well.

  • 30-40 minutes of citizen kane on tcm ummm yeah

i watched the first 30-40 minutes. it was good.


editing note –

as i was double checking robert walker’s name i came across this…..


it’s a little scary to think this might actually happen.


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