4 films for june

May 31, 2008

a few films that we’ve scheduled for our summer film series and a few that i lobbied to get in but don’t seem like they’re going to make the cut (but i still want to see them).

week of june 2

on the waterfront by elia kazan

gotta love early brando

week of june 9

sullivan’s travels by preston sturges

a film prof i had last semester really loved this one, got me excited.

week of june 16

army of shadows by jean-pierre melville

i’ve heard nothing but good things.

week of june 23

all about eve by joseph makiewicz

in a quest to see all the best picture winners.


2 Responses to “4 films for june”

  1. faceboy Says:

    I suggest taking a quick peak at the history of the French resistance and the Vichy government before watching Army of Shadows. I once had to explain that history after someone saw and disliked the film and they immediately liked it much much more after being given the background info. They now love it.

  2. Holden Caulfield Says:

    I just finished watching All About Eve a few days again its pretty good. Especially Anne Baxter you’ll also noticed a lot of Hitchcock actors in there.

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