1990s bracket: kicking and screaming [1995]

May 29, 2008

these guys are supposed to be college graduates? they look like they’re in their mid 30s, and one looks like he’s in his mid 40s. i know that in the movie world you use actors who are actually older than the people they play in the movie, but c’mon. no way are these guys just graduated from college. that was my initial problem with the film.

then came the entire premise of the film. a group of recent college graduates, don’t know what to do with their lives so they live on campus and take classes and hook up with undergrads (or in some cases underundergrads). what am i supposed to do with that? am i supposed to relate? i’m about a year away from being and that same situation and i don’t bitch about the fact that i have to start working for a living. am i supposed to laugh at it? i didn’t find any of it particularly funny (except maybe that scene referenced in the picture).

i think i just find that whole state of mind false. that let’s discuss the enlightenment because we’re intellectual sate of mind. i’m actually looking forward to getting away from that entire scene. away from the pretentiousness of college students debating the career of kant and burke (i actually got my fill of that in high school).

and while the characters in beautiful girls felt real, these felt completely false. their problems, the way they talk, the way they move. all if it felt made up, and if it was real they’re the type of people i don’t want to be around.

so my big question is what is the point? what’s the point of sitting around and talking about school and not moving on with your life and what’s the point of this movie?


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