8 1/2

March 30, 2008

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this was my first exposure to the much revered federico fellini, and though it is widely considered his best work, i am not sure that it was the best place to start. initially, however, i was taken in by a few aspects of the film. firstly, i was awed by how smoothly the camera moved at times allowing me to believe it was actually stationary and everything around it was in motion. i loved the opening dream sequence as well, and i doubt i will ever forget the image of Guido’s foot tied to a string that leads down to the beach as if he was a kite.

that said, i was never fully engaged in the thoughts and fantasies of the filmmaker. i have had much difficulty trying to identify why i couldn’t commit myself to his emotional and intellectual journey, and i still don’t think i have an answer. i have no reason to fault the film for my response. rather, i am disappointed that i just didn’t ‘get it’ the first time around. i plan on revisiting it soon to remedy this travesty, and i sincerely hope that my reaction will be more favorable.

thanks everyone for sticking with the blog while i fill in for john. it has been great fun, and the only challenge was writing these posts with just lowercase letters, per his request.


editor’s note:

thanks to alex, or basil as most of you have probably come to know him, for spearheading 4films for a month. i had a lot of schoolwork to do this past month so i haven’t had much time to watch movies (except those i’ve had to watch for school).

so thanks again, and if anyone is interested in taking over for a month i’d be more the happy to step aside and hand over control. just email or something.


2nd editor’s note:

if all uppercase is shouting in type, then all lowercase must be a quite whisper. and i think it’s a nice change of pace than what is normally on the interwebs. all lowercase give creates a welcoming environment.


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