au revoir, les enfants

February 26, 2008

as i’m sitting here mulling over the film, i’m having a very hard time trying to figure out what to write about. i’m sure it’s all been covered before.

there’s something about the so called “art house films” where the film is not motivated by strong plot points, and is more character based, thematically driven. you would think that a film that has a very loose plot would be boring, but just being a fly on the wall in this all boys school, watching as they slowly go through adolescence in one year is very moving, and i think it’s because it’s relatable. i didn’t grow up in nazi occupied france or in an all boys school, but so much of the story transcends it’s setting. the setting gives it a tragic ending and some great scenery, but it’s funny and sometimes heartbreaking to see the way childhood is represented.


2 Responses to “au revoir, les enfants”

  1. i saw this at age 13 in the theatre when it was first released, I remember being undecided between liking or hating this movie, a first glimpse of what was to come in my future appreciation of french cinema. The french are very good at making movies that one can equally love and hate. But I haven’t re-watched it since way back then and I don’t think i ever will.

  2. johnheberle Says:

    i could definitely see why there would be some love/hate going around, and i’m not sure where i’d even fall. i didn’t hate the film, but i’m undecided really on how much it actually did for me. except for a few choice scenes (i’m thinking particularly of the one where everyone is watching a charlie chaplin film)

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