the offical filmspots ballot, and my votes

February 13, 2008

i swear i’m going to be putting up posts on the last of the hitchcock month and dr. caligari….but first let’s get this filmspots business out of the way.

my votes……

best picture


best director

joel & ethan cohen – no country for old men

best actor in a leading role

christian bale – rescue dawn

best actress in a leading role

ellen page – juno

best actor in a supporting role

ben foster – 3:10 to yuma

best actress in a supporting role

tabu – the namesake

best ensemble cast


best original screenplay

diablo cody – juno

best adapted screenplay

joel & ethan cohen – no country for old men

best editing

christopher rouse – the bourne ultimatum

best cinematography

robert elswit – there will be blood

best non english language film

the lives of others

best documentary


best animated film


best score

johnny greenwood – there will be blood

best soundtrack


best costumes

gersha phillips – talk to me

best art direction

aradhana seth & adam stockhaussen – the darjeeling limited

best sound editing

craig berkey – no country for old men

best makeup

tysulea hill-scott – grindhouse

best visual effects

no vote. i dislike all the nominees that i’ve seen.

kick-ass scene

bathhouse fight – eastern promises

best trailer

there will be blood

best villain

anton chigurh – no country for old men

surprising film

this is england

best line

“cause you’re like the coolest person i’ve ever met, and you don’t have to try……i try really hard actually” – juno

worst film


debut or breakthrough feature

once – john carney


ellen page – juno


really disappointed that once didn’t get much love. was hoping for a best picture nod for it because it got snubbed at the oscars. and rolf lassgard. he was great, but apparently not enough people saw the film.

check out fellow filmspotters lists….




2 Responses to “the offical filmspots ballot, and my votes”

  1. Re:
    >really disappointed that once didn’t get much love.

    Are you kidding? ‘Once’ gets all kinds of love nine times sideways. ‘Once’ appeals very strongly to a certain demographic. So strongly that I have seen lifelong Christians with less dedication than most ‘Once’ fans.

    Still, the Academy is a considerably different demographic than the “poor struggling artist with three chords and the truth” one. Let’s just say this – when musicals get nominated, for Academy Awards they usually involve a certain amount of sequined dresses.

  2. johnheberle Says:

    i meant some award love. obviously people love it……or should i say people with hearts love it? ; )

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