4 films of february

January 28, 2008

write-ups on shadow of a doubt, the man who knew too much, and vertigo are coming shortly.  school has just started up again, and i’ve had some other things pressing my time but they are on their way.

week of february 4:

the cabinet of dr. caligari by robert wiene

this may be cheating, but we’re actually screening this for a film history class i’m taking.

week of february 11:

au revoir, les enfants by louis malle

j’adore des films français. n’ont pas vu de louis malle, donc j’ai pensé que c’était un bon endroit pour commencer.

week of february 18:

apocalypse now by francis ford coppola

apocalypse  now

i actually own this on dvd but have never watched it. hopefully i’ll like it so i won’t have the buyer’s remorse.

week of february 25:

taxi driver by martin scorsese

i was looking at my “out yourself — the 5 films you should have seen, but haven’t” top 5 at the filmspotting message boards and saw this at #5.  so i gotta be able to cross it off.


also later this month look for a sort of 2007 round up.  a lot of good films in 07 that i wanna talk a little about.


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