January 13, 2008

this discussion will contain plot spoilers for the film

i love filmmakers that use long unbroken takes. nothing is better than a great 8-15 minute shot. so obviously i loved this film, with only one or two intentionally noticeable cuts. hitchcock shows off his mastery for filmmaking at a very high level.

now onto the story. full of suspense, like any hitchcock film, but with an added tale of morality. and i’m not against films that have a morale. i rather like them actually. but the ending of this film is just a little too on the nose. jimmy stewart’s little speech at the end about inferior and superior beings doesn’t quite work because we as the audience have already reasoned that. he is really just stating the obvious, telling the viewer what they’ve already seen played out during the party. but that’s a script error, and not really hitchcock’s fault.

the three central performances from jimmy stewart, john dall, and farley granger are all great, espically dall and granger. i’ve never wanted to punch a character in the face more than i did with dall’s. he plays an pompous jerk to perfection.

overall a really great thriller and example of great technical skills, even if it does fall short a little in the end.


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