December 16, 2007

watching an old nicholson movie really makes you appreciate him as an actor. if you just watched his modern day films you’d never guess that he was this good. i mean right now he’s just playing that persona that came out of womanizing a laker games. i mean seriously…….what happened jack? you got money. you don’t need to be making the bucket list.

all kidding aside, this one was great. there’s something absolutely riveting about investigative stories. there’s nothing more exciting than being on the verge of busting a case wide open. the suspense is great, the acting is great (except for a few faye dunaway scenes…oh and that last part with john huston, that was laughably awkward) an overall very enjoyable film. one of the best i have seen through this process.

oh, and i was holding my nose for about 30 minutes after that incident. brutal.


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