the seventh seal

December 5, 2007

not sure what to say. going into it i wasn’t sure what to expect…a knight back from the crusades plays death in a chess match? that does sound awesome. i don’t know if i could do the film justice by trying to write something about it. i will say that i was glad to see bergman’s sense of humor come through in this one. wild strawberries was the first bergman film i saw and i really thought bergman was the biggest pessimist after watching it, but the seventh seal changed my opinion. some really great shots, no matter what you think about the content of his films you gotta admit bergman knew how to shoot films properly (also credit is due to gunnar fischer the cinematographer).

i did enjoy it, although i’m not sure i understood it all.


3 Responses to “the seventh seal”

  1. It’s not so much that Bergman was a pessimist, more that he had a clinically sharp perception (way sharper that is good for oneself) and that he was brutally honest about his issues. I can strongly recommend his auto-biography ” Laterna Magica” and also “Bergman on Bergman” if you want to read some devastating critiques of his films, he hasn’t got much good to say on “The Seventh Seal” and even almost completely trashes “Through a Glass Darkly”, my favourite Bergman movie.

  2. johnheberle Says:

    i guess i just don’t see being depressed, or having a depressing outlook a sharp perception. maybe i’m just a romantic…

    by the way, i like how you spell favorite. the “u” definitely adds flavor to the word….or should i say “flavour”.

  3. Having a depressed outlook is quite the opposite of a sharp perception, a depression dulls our vision very much until you stop looking all together and just assume the worst (which would make you a pessimist). Interestingly that never happened to Ingmar Bergman (except the time his was committed to an asylum), but through his precise perception he also noticed every little mistake he did, and through his various complexes it was hard for him to forgive himself for these. All the criticism he brings forward about his movies are absolutely accurate, he just should have given himself a break about most of these…

    BTW, most pessimists I know got their start as romantics…

    Feel so good about a piece of trash; The birds are drunk, drinkin’ from my glass; ‘Cause I got the flavour

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